Stellar Transformations Wikia

This page contains major spoilers to cultivation ranks and ranks achieved by certain characters in the story, proceed as you will.

This is a table of what cultivation levels there are in Stellar Transformations. The Universe Creator rank is also seen in the novel Coiling Dragon.

Cultivation Levels[]

Rank Immortal Stages Details
Mortal Realm
1 Houtian/Acquired


  • Early
  • Middle
  • Late
  • Peak
  • More than 99% of mortals can not cultivate past this point.
  • Lifespan: 100 years
  • ST - Must be an external body refiner.
2 Xiantian/Innate


  • Considered as impossible for External Cultivator.
  • Lifespan: 500 years
  • ST - Must complete the Trans-heaven Diagram.
4 in 9 Tribulation - Loose Immortal (Shang Xian) Realm
3 Jindan/Golden Core


  • Early
  • Middle
  • Late
  • Peak
  • Lifespan: 1,000 years
  • ST - Nebula
4 Yuanying/Nascent Soul


  • Lifespan: 5,000 years
  • ST - Meteor
6 in 9 Tribulation (Considered Being Immortal)
5 Dongxu/Empyrean


  • Early
  • Middle
  • Late
  • Peak
ST - Core
6 Kongming/Firmament/Void


ST - Planet
7 Dujie/Trancendant/Tribulation


ST - Solar
9 in 9 Tribulation (Between Dujie 3 Stages)
8 Dacheng


  • Early
  • Middle
  • Late
  • Peak
ST - Star
- Loose Immortal/Devil/Demon 1 - 12 Tribulation
  • 4th Tribulation = Level 1 Heavenly Immortal
  • 7th Tribulation = Level 4 Heavenly Immortal
  • 12th Tribulation = Level 9 Heavenly Immortal
Immortal/Devil/Demon Realm
9 Heavenly Immortal/Devil/Demon


1 - 9 Level ST - Dark Star
10 Golden Immortal or Devil/Demon King


  • Top experts on low-end planets, local experts on high-end planets.
  • ST - Black Hole
11 Mystic Immortal or Immortal/Devil/Demon Emperor


  • Respected everywhere and few cultivators can attain this stage from the previous stage. Very strong emperors are able to destroy planets with their own force.
  • ST - Origin
Divine Tribulation (Strength depends on the number of people taking the tribulation)
Deity Realm
12 Deity


  • Low
  • Mid
  • High
  • Low level deities needed energy and needed to reinforce the body.
  • ST - Universe
13 Heavenly Deity


  • Needed to master the Spatial laws.
  • ST - Universe
14 God King


1st - 3rd Step
  • Complete Mastery of spatial laws and needed to master the Temporal laws.
  • First step Godking has yet to achieve mastery in any temporal laws.
  • Second step Godking has mastered Time Acceleration.
  • Third step Godking has mastered Time Stop.
  • After mastering Time Reversal a Godking would have reached Exalted Celestial level.
  • ST - Cosmos
14.5 Exalted Celestial*


  • Complete Mastery of Spatial and Temporal Laws.
  • ST - Cosmos
15.1 Grandmist Body**

Universr Creator

  • Grandmist Controller
  • 1st Class Grandmist Controller
  • Able to control grandmist energy.
  • First rank grandmist controllers are able to create a large cosmos.
  • There are only 4 first rank grandmist controllers.
15.2 Inextinguishable Xuanhuang (Dark Yellow) Body Unknown
  • The strongest body a Universe Creator can have, this is cultivated by creating their own cosmos.
  • These bodies can forcibly stop themselves from being destroyed by grandmist energy (if one is not a grandmist controller already).

*Exalted Celestial is a rank that is bestowed to a person by the Universe Creator of his universe, in this case Lin Meng (Linley Baruch - the MC of Coiling Dragon), this rank does not need be achieved to ascend to a universe creator. Exalted Celestials are the number one beings under Universe Creators and have the ability to effortlessly kill and dominate people of the Godking stage and below. They however can not come into contact with Grandmist energy or they would be instantly vaporised.

**Grandmist energy is the purest form of energy and is what the 5 elements were derived from. This rank does not need to be achieved to have an Inextinguishable Xuanhuang Body as Qin Yu first achieved this body then became a First-Class Grandmist Controller.

Universe Creators have the power to make someone an Exalted Celestial in their own cosmos, they also have the ability to take away this via power sealing or killing and sending the Exalted Celestial's soul back into the cycle of reincarnation of their own cosmos.

Universe Creators have the ability to determine the fate of all living things in their own cosmos as well as all beings in every cosmos if they insert their spiritual energy into the golden banner. They however can not determine the fate of some individuals, these individuals have the chance to become Universe Creators albeit still being extremely rare for them to achieve it but they are usually individuals that would cause huge ripples in their own cosmos.



Weapon(兵器) Elixir
Mortal Tier (凡品) Lower class (下级)

Intermediate Class (中级)

Upper class (上级)

Celestial Tier (仙品)
Spiritual Weapon


Low (下品)

Intermediate (中品)

Upper (上品)

Extreme (极品)

Immortal Weapon


Divine Weapon


Heavenly Divine


Low (下品)

Intermediate (中品)

Upper (上品)

Grandmist Innate Treasure (鸿蒙后天灵宝)
  • 3 class
  • 2 class
  • 1 class
Grandmist Spiritual Treasure (鸿蒙灵宝)
Heavenly Supreme Lingbao (天尊灵宝)


Type Stages
Mortal Realm
God World
Array Master (阵法师) 1 - 3 level Array Master (阵法师)
4 - 6 level Array Great Master


7 - 9 level Array Grandmaster (阵法宗师)
Refiner (炼器师) Refiner (炼器师)

Refiner Great Master (炼器大师)

Refinee Grandmaster (炼器宗师)

Alchemist (炼丹师)